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NisoBox Professional Intercom & Line Level Audio Isolation Transformer


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  • Dual Transformer Design for a More Reliable Hum and Buzz Removal than Traditional ISO Designs
  • Audiophile Grade Components for Unsurpassed Sonic Clarity and Warmth
  • Bi-Directional Operation
  • Designed for Intercom and Line Level Applications
  • Blocks Voltage from Intercom and Phantom Power
  • Inline Design; No Extra Mic Cables Required
  • Genuine Neutrik Gold Plated XLR Connectors

Successfully Eliminate Hum - Not just “Another ISO”
Using two separate transformers that isolate both pins 2 & 3 separately to ground, you’ll have greater success eliminating hums and buzzes while maintaining sonic clarity and warmth. Traditional isolation transformers only isolate Pin 2 and 3 on one transformer, NOT ground.

Construction Designed for Touring
An all metal design keeps things protected while providing a practical answer to the rigors of the road. The internal electronic components are reinforced with a structural epoxy, making the NisoBox extremely durable in any environment.

Quality Control Means Consistency and Reliability
Using an Audio Precision machine, every NisoBox is required to pass a strict series of performance tests before being packaged for sale.

Overall Quality
No expense was spared at every aspect in the design process of the NisoBox. We believe this is the most effective, durable, sonically transparent isolation transformer on the market today.

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