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When Your Equipment Needs Repair, Work with a partner you can trust

With over 20 years of electronic repair and onsite show experience, we think you'll be pleased with our service.

The NPS Repair Service Process - How it Works

1. Start a Repair

Take a look around our Repair Service Support page to find all of the answers you need and fill out the Repair Service Request form when you are ready. Once your form has been submitted, we will create your repair and respond back via email with instructions on how to get your equipment to us.


2. Send Us Your Equipment

You can drop off, mail in, or send a truck to drop off.  We'll be ready and waiting to get started.


3. We will Diagnose and Estimate Your Repair

You will receive an automated email letting you know your equipment has been received. We will diagnose your equipment and send you a written estimate for approval. If you received a pre-approved max repair charge amount, we will proceed straight to repairing your unit.


4. We will Fix Your Equipment

Once your estimate is approved, we will get started on your repair and order any parts needed. If parts are ordered, you will get an automated email letting you know the ETA. Once repairs are finished, we will get your equipment sent back to you. Our repairs are guaranteed and have a 90 day warranty.

Our Most Popular Factory Authorized Repair Brands

Pioneer DJ

Serving most major nightlife venues aroud the Las Vegas region and all around the country, we have seen a lot! From drink spills, error codes to jog wheel issues and connectivity issues with Serato and Rekordbox. No matter what the issue is, we can fix it.

Fix My Pioneer DJ


We have had the experience of in person training at the former factory in Elkhart, including End of Service models. We have direct support with the manufacturer and are well versed in most brands and models, including EOS models.

Fix My Harman

Music Tribe

Being a service partner, and having a former Music Tribe Service Technician on staff, we have the insider knowledge to get your equipment repaired correctly. We specialize in Behringer and Midas mixing consoles, as well as Midas Pro Series.

Fix My Music Tribe


Multiple technicians at our facility have extensive experience operating and repairing Yamaha Mixing Consoles at the component level. We also repair Yamaha powered speakers and keyboards. Onsite repairs are available.

Fix My Yamaha


Is your K.2 or KS speaker not powering on? Is your amplifier going into fault? Does your TouchMix have distorted outputs? Not a problem! We can repair it! Being a QSC Authorized Service Center, we have direct support from the manufacturer.

Fix My QSC

Pioneer DJ Models We Service

  • CDJ, XDJ and DJS Players
  • PLX Turntables
  • DJM Mixers
  • DDJ, XDJ Controllers
  • RMX and TORAIZ Devices
  • XPRS, VM and DM Loudspeakers

Harman Brands We Service

  • BSS
  • Crown Amplifiers
  • DBX
  • JBL Professional
  • Soundcraft

Music Tribe Brands We Service

  • Behringer
  • Midas
  • Midas Pro Series
  • Lab Gruppen
  • Turbosound

Yamaha Models We Service

  • TF Consoles
  • QL1, QL5
  • CL1, CL3, CL5
  • PM Rivage
  • Rio and SWP
  • Powered Speakers
  • Non Powered Speakers
  • Keyboards

QSC Models We Service

  • Powered Speakers
  • Non-Powered Speakers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Digital Mixers

Freqeutly Asked Questions

Out of Warranty Repairs

Diagnostic fee's for common models that we serivce are listed on our repair pricing page. If your model is not listed, it is generally 1 hour ($150.00). If you are unsure, please contact us.

*The diagnostic fee is per item and due when your unit is dropped off or received, and before troubleshooting. This fee is deducted from your final bill.

More often than not, diagnosing a repair means fixing it and verifying that there are no other issues. Charging a diagnostic fee ensures that we can pay our employees.

*The diagnostic fee is non-refundable.

Repair pricing for models that we commonly service are listed on our repair pricing page. Due to the complex nature of electronics, we are unable give a firm price without looking at your unit.

Our standard hourly shop rate is $150.00 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. We bill a minimum of 1 hour per item dropped off.

*Please note, we do our best to give accurate repair estimates, but fixing one issue sometimes leads to another issue. If this is the case, you will be given an updated estimate for approval before proceeding further.

Repairs are done in the order received and dependant on our current workload. We try to get an estimate within 1 week of receiving your unit. Once an estimate is accepted, we will get started right away and order parts if needed. In some cases your unit will already have been fixed.

We have 1000+ parts in stock for common models that we service. Depending on the issue with your unit, we may have the part needed in stock. We cannot determine this until your unit has been diagnosed.

Warranty Repairs

Generally speaking, a manufacturers warranty is to fix manufacturer defects. If your unit failed due to a manufacturering defect, it should be covered under warranty. This is determined by us after your unit has been received and diagnosed.

What is generally not covered under warranty:

  • Physical damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Misuse and abuse
  • Overdriving
  • Burned voice coils

If we have received your unit under warranty, but it winds up not being covered under warranty, you will be given the following options:

Convert your warranty repair into an out of warranty repair. A non-refundable diagnostic fee will be due. Once paid, your unit will get diagnosed and a written estimate will be sent to you for approval.

If you do not want us to fix your unit, you can pay a diagnostic fee for our time, and return shipping if applicable. Manufacturers do not pay us for diagnosis of a repair that is not covered under warranty.

If we cannot replicate any fault with your unit, you may be responsible for a diagnostic fee and return shipping if applicable. Some manufacturers will pay us for a "No Fault Found", but most do not.

For most manufacturers, it is your responsibility to get your unit to us. The manufacturer will reimburse us for sending your unit back to you.

General Questions

Most models for any of the manufacturers pictured in "Brands We Service" above.

If you are unsure, please contact us.

We strongly reccomend sending your unit in its original manufacturers packaging, insured for full replacement value with either FedEx or UPS.

If you do not have your original packaging, we reccomend you have a FedEx Office or UPS Store package it for you.

Please do not ship your unit in a ATA Road Case. Most of the damage we see is from shipping this way and we may ship your road case and unit seperately back to you at an additional shipping charge.

Absolutely! We receive pallets and large equipment all of the time. We do have a forklift and normal delivery hours. Please contact us before scheduling a freight shipment.

Out of warranty repairs have a 90 day warranty for the fault fixed.

Warranty repairs are covered under the remaining period of the manufacturers warranty.

This varies for a number of reasons. Due to the global supply chain issues, lead times can be a few days, weeks or unfortunately in some cases, months. We will not know this until your unit has been diagnosed and we know what parts are needed.

*All manufacturers are trying their best to get lead times down, but the suppliers that provide raw materials, components and assemblers are all having trouble due to COVID. With that said, some manufacturers are unable to provide ETA's for backordered parts until further notice.