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About us

Neon Production Supply was conceived after realizing the need for quick access to a general production resource in Las Vegas, the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Almost every single national touring act comes through Vegas each year, and it is the top destination for large conventions, trade shows, and large companies’ general sessions. We saw the seemingly obvious need for a place where you can have your new rig designed, get your speakers reconed, or replace the faders on your mixer; even just restock your gaff tape, grab a flashlight or multi-tool, or get a handful of Sharpies or batteries.

We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of live events because we continue to work in the industry, as we have for many years. We know the gear and know that the quality of our products and services affect the quality of your show. Only knowledgeable professionals handle your gear, and we use the highest quality products, whether that means OEM parts or tried and tested reconing adhesives.

Since 2000, owner Brian Klijanowicz has been impressing and forging relationships with production companies, club and stadium managers, and award-winning musicians around the United States and the world. He is passionate about live performance and knows that every small detail of a live event makes a difference.

Brian started his career in a small shop in Baltimore, Maryland. There, he learned the arts of speaker reconing and how to get through a gig with a roll of gaff tape and a tube of silicone. He loves to share his knowledge, and thus has acted as technical editor of Front of House Magazine, writer of the “Theory and Practice” column for a year among many other certifications and accreditations. He continues to work events across the country to keep current on gear and technology in the industry, while heading up operations here at Neon Production Supply.

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