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Duracell Procell AAA Batteries


Duracell Procell batteries are the finest batteries available for industrial and work environments. Each battery is crafted to be incredibly durable and long lasting, and Procell AAA batteries feature an impressive 1150mAh capacity that blows away the competition. This handy 24 pack contains 6 individual 4 packs that are easy to organize and distribute in a workplace or on a job site. These batteries are also ideal for emergency backups with a 7 Year Shelf Life. Procells are the best choice when it comes to supplying your workplace with reliable energy solutions.


  • Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Chemistry
  • 7 Year Shelf Life
  • -20C to 54C (-4F to 130F) Temperature Operating Range
  • Reliable Manufacturing For Industrial Environments
  • Manufactured To Meet IEC 60086 And ISO 9000 Standards
  • Date Coded To Guarantee Freshness

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