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Electronic Repair Service FAQ

Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding electronic repairs.  If you have any additional questions please Contact Us, we are happy to help.


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Most Frequent

Repair time can vary based on our workload and availability of parts.  We try our best to get equipment diagnosed within 5-7 business days. We will then order parts if not in stock and will get the repair done as soon as parts arrive from the manufacturer.

*Please note any units with liquid damage may take longer than this timeframe.

Electronics Repair Services and parts from NPS are warrantied for 90 days. If the Equipment fails with the same issue as initially serviced for within the warranty period, the Client will only be responsible for the cost of the additional parts.

*Please note, All Warranties exclude misuse and/or abuse as solely determined by NPS upon leaving the property.


We unfortunately cannot quote any electronic repairs without receiving the equipment into our shop.

For any piece of electronic equipment, our minimum rate is a Bench Fee of 1 Hour, which will be collected at the time the equipment is dropped off or before being shipped in.  The Bench Fee covers the first hour of diagnostic and repair work.  After that, we bill our time by the quarter-hour at the rate of $135.00 per hour, plus parts and return shipping (if applicable).  You can also check out our Repair Pricing page for more information.

*Please note any units with liquid damage may be more expensive than the specified amount on the repair pricing page.

Over time we have developed a list of "Typical Minimum" and "Typical Maximum" pricing for the brands that we work on most, "Pioneer DJ, JBL and Crown."  This is the typical range of pricing for specific models that are found on the "Repair Pricing by Brand" pages.  If we expect that the cost may end up exceeding the maximum amount, we would contact you before proceeding any further.  If you decided not to proceed, only the bench fee would be charged.

General Questions

We primarily work on Professional Audio & DJ Equipment.  Please visit our repair service support page to see what brands we work on.

At this time we only work on equipment that we are a Factory Authorized Service Center for.  We do not work on other equipment, because we do not have support from the manufacturer and may not be able to get parts and/or schematics.

If you are local to Las Vegas feel free to stop by any time during our normal business hours.

If you need to send your equipment in from out of town and this is an out-of-warranty repair, please submit an Out of Warranty Repair Request.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

We do not work on home or car electronics. For service on your home stereo electronics locally in Las Vegas, please contact Rocky Top Electronics at 702-878-7808.

We are very well versed in troubleshooting and repair, acoustical verification and tuning of large scale sound systems. Please Contact Us at for more information.