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Repair Service Pricing - Peavy

  • When picking up locally or shipping to anywhere in Nevada, the parts portion of the repair is subject to sales tax.
  • We also sell parts including whole replacement drivers, please Contact Us if you do not see the part you are looking for listed on our website.

    How to Search

    Windows - Hit "Control F" and type in the model you are looking for
    Mac - Hit "Command F" and type in the model you are looking for
    iOS Safari - Touch the address bar, hit "x" on the right hand side.  Type in the model you are looking for and at the bottom of the auto populated results where it says "On this Page" touch the model that was typed in.
    iOS Chrome - At the top right hand side, touch to open the option menu.  Select "Find in Page" and type the model you are looking for.

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    Peavey Speaker Reconing Services

    All speaker reconing services include:

    • Inspection of speaker frame, terminals, magnetic gap and pole piece
    • Cleaning the magnetic gap
    • Replacement of all moving parts
    • Full testing of the completed repair
    Size/Model Price
    10" Scorpion Recone (NPS Parts) $85
    12" Scorpion  Recone (NPS Parts) $95
    12" Black Widow Recone (NPS Parts) $120
    15" Scorpion Recone (NPS Parts) $110
    15" Black Widow Recone (NPS Parts) $130
    18" Black Widow Recone (NPS Parts) $155

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